SquishyDog Diets 

We believe that when it comes to feeding our dogs they deserves only the best! The pet food market is saturated with so many different brands, recipes and advice it can be a real headache to make the right choice. We wanted a food that offered not only a high meat content but one that could guarantee it was human grade quality and responsibly sourced. We wanted grain free, additives free, colouring free and preservative free! It's this search that lead us to Pet Food Manufacturer GA. Becoming a GA Pet Partner gave us access to a doggy diet that ticked all of the boxes as well as being responsibly priced. We are not a commercial business selling dog food for a profit we are dog owners and lovers who want to help people to give their dog the most premium product without the premium price tag. 

All of our food is manufactured in the UK using human grade, responsibly sourced protein. Orders are delivered via DPD direct from GA to your door to offer a quick and reliable service. The cooking process is slow and low which protects the vital nutrients and locks in all of the goodness. All of our diets are 100% grain free; with a minimum of 50% meat, sweet potato and a range of fruit & veg it offers a complete and balanced diet. 

*Please Note* There has sadly been an increase in food prices and delivery charges from 1st February 2022. This increase is out of our control and sadly has meant that we could not afford to continue running our online store. If you wish to place a repeat order it can be easily done by emailing - squishydoggrooms@gmail.com or message/call us on 07970275848. 

SquishyDog Super Food 65

Our Superfood Diets are the closest option to feeding a raw diet but with the convince of kibble. Each diet contains a minimum of 65% meat content and 35% of that is freshly prepared. It is cooked low and slow to retain as much goodness as possible and has the added benefits of 5 superfoods to each recipe. It has added pro and pre-biotics which allows it to be fed along side a raw diet. Our dogs are fed on a 50/50 blend of Superfood and RAW. Due to the quality ingredients and lack of indigestible fillers you fed a lot less of this food than a standard dry kibble diet. 24Kg bulk buy offers a cost effective price and the two bags can be mixed and matched! 

This really is the best quality diet you can buy and similar products are priced way higher

(Canagan £75.99 12kg, Fish4Dogs £62.50, Eden £80.99. Prices correct Feb 2022)

SFD (1).jpg

12kg Duck Superfood £54.00 including delivery

24KG Duck Superfood £96.00 including delivery


12kg Lamb Superfood £55.00 including delivery

24KG Lamb Superfood £97.00 including delivery

SFS copy.jpg

12kg Salmon Superfood £54.00 including delivery

24KG Salmon Superfood £96.00 including delivery

SFA copy (1).jpg

12kg Beef Superfood £52.00 including delivery

24KG Beef Superfood £94.00 including delivery

SFC copy.jpg

12kg Chicken Superfood £52.00 including delivery

24KG Chicken Superfood £94.00 including delivery

SFP (1).jpg

PUPPY 12kg Salmon Superfood £54.00 including delivery

PUPPY 24KG Duck Superfood £96.00 including delivery

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SquishyDog Grain Free 50